Humpbacks Get a (Temporary) Pass…

One very poignant reportable item during session, and lots of unreportable moments.

Reportable – there wasn’t a quorum required to hold a vote on Greenland’s requested quota for 10 humpback whales.  There was a meeting on the issue, with background and (limited) data presented to justify the request. 

Instead, the vote will be delayed until the IWC’s annual meeting, scheduled for June in Agadir, Morocco.

It was interesting day and more to report upon.  The meeting wraps up tomorrow and I’ll be summarizing the ‘reportable moments’, highlights of the week,  and a summary of imporatant issues. 

Stay tuned! 


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One Comment on “Humpbacks Get a (Temporary) Pass…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Thank goodness for that! (For now at least.) Any sense of what will happen in Morocco? Is the measure likely to pass then or is there a reasonable chance of defeating it?

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