The Trojan Horse

For ACS and other NGOs, the 2011 IWC meeting in Jersey began as an all-out marathon of meetings, strategizing sessions, and information exchange. Last year’s failed US-led effort to ‘legitimize’ commercial whaling is still fresh in our minds, and an air of mistrust underscores much of the preparations today for the week’s plenary session and agenda items, not only between members of the U.S. Delegation and NGO representatives, but also between the U.S. and… everybody else in the world. As one colleague commented, “The Obama Administration’s policies on whale protection are the worst since the Reagan Administration.” Regrettably, the change we hoped to see manifested in environmental and conservation policies following the Bush Administration has failed to bear fruit. The Obama Administration is referred to as the “Bush III era” by many NGOs worldwide.  As a whole, most NGOs expressed pervasive disappointment and anger with the Obama Administration. Is it too late to take back my vote?

So, will the U.S. attempt to resuscitate the so-called “compromise plan” of 2010? Commissioner Monica Medina claims it will not, though NGOs remain highly skeptical of her statement, given the joint Resolution submitted by the U.S. and New Zealand advocating reform in the IWC (see May 25th post. Note: since that time, Chile has retracted its support for the Resolution). The American Cetacean Society and its fellow NGOs will remain steadfast in its insistence that the U.S. Delegation officially close the “Chairman’s Proposal on the Future of the IWC”, the name by which the compromise plan is officially known, during the plenary session, thereby proclaiming the “death knell” of the plan. The international NGO community has given the U.S./New Zealand Resolution the dubious nickname of “Trojan Horse”. Will the U.S. retract its support for the 2010 Plan and deal the death blow, as we have requested? Stay tuned…

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4 Comments on “The Trojan Horse”

  1. Truly, after feeling much hope for the Whales and this beautiful planet on presidential election night, Obama has been a huge disappointment to say the least.

    I am thankful to you Cheryl and all who are able to be present to be a voice for Cetaceans at IWC/63. Without all of the NGOs working for Cetaceans, the situation would be hopeless.

    Watching your reports, with you all in spirit, and doing all I can from here.

  2. Thank you for the update Cheryl. And a huge ditto to Peggy’s comments. Thank you for being there and for all of your hard work to speak for the cetaceans. May the bad plan be euthanized.

  3. Thank you Cheryl. We are with you on our page and we send good vibrations to open the minds & eyes of those that want to continue killing these wonderful creatures. Keep up the great work Cheryl!

  4. Diane Glim Says:

    No – not Bush III! How disappointing. Who would have thought that the whale in the room would be the United States?

    Cheryl, thank you for your diligence and leadership representing ACS, whales, and the huge US population that is not in support of the Obama administration’s goals for legitimizing whaling.

    Looking forward to future posts. Thank you!

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