Everything That Ever Happened, We Knew About in Panama

So everything that ever happened, we knew about in Panama.Ruben Blades

The 2012 meeting of the International Whaling Commission will be held in Panama City, Panama, from June 15th through July 5th.  Given what will be on the Commission’s agenda, it seems appropriate for the meeting to be in session on July 4th.

The American Cetacean Society will be there to provide you with all of the highlights, low points, and insight to help you understand the ‘inner workings’ of this complex and at times frustrating, international organization.  ACS believes that you have a right to information that helps you better understand the issues surrounding the safety, welfare, and threats to cetaceans and their habitats.

With knowledge, comes understanding – with understanding, comes care – with care, comes action – with action, comes change!

Be.  The.  Change.

See you in Panama in 366 days… expect plenty of fireworks.


Cheryl McCormick, Ph.D.

Executive Director

American Cetacean Society

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5 Comments on “Everything That Ever Happened, We Knew About in Panama”

  1. Uko Gorter Says:

    Thank you, Cheryl!!!!

  2. Mark Boberick Says:

    Thank you Cheryl for an amazing piece. It was extremely informative and brilliantly written. My only regret is that
    politics continues to *!@*# everything up.

  3. Edo Says:

    I’m Panamanian living in Panama. Is there anything I can be of assistance?

  4. Hello Cheryl,
    I own and operate Whale Watching Panama. I am an American woman living in Panama and have been here for 8 years. I have recently met with Rodrigo Garcia from Uruguay and OCC and José from Brazil from the Buenos Aires group who were here in Panama preparing for the IWC meetings.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out or if you have any questions about Panama. Interesting that the IWC will be meeting during the beginning of our Humpback whale season when we have several thousand humpbacks here from Antarctica to breed and give birth.

    Feel free to contact me for anything. Anne@WhaleWatchingPanama.com

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