ASW: No “Bundle” of Joy for Whale Lovers

You love whales. You pay taxes. You vote. You expect the U.S. Delegation to the IWC to enact the will of the American public. So why is the U.S. officially and doggedly endorsing the whaling program of St. Vincent & The Grenadines (SVG) on your behalf?  The current 2008-2012 quota for SVG is 20 humpback whales. Since 1986, the Bequians have killed 29 humpback whales, including two Brydes whales killed illegally. Moreover, SVG has for years consistently failed to provide genetic samples to IWC, failed to provide adequate reports to address infractions, failed to report to IWC on humane killing methods, failed to report on vessels used in its hunts, and failed to report data on recorded times to death, instantaneous death rates, and struck/lost rates.

SVG whale hunts are inhumane and brutal. Humpback whales are pursued using speedboats and struck using a cold harpoon (banned by the IWC for commercial whaling in 1980 because it has been deemed cruel and inhumane). Female humpbacks are traditionally hunted, with whalers targeting calves (like ‘Mozart’, the humpback calf pictured in this post) in an effort to bait mothers to the whaling boat. This practice is reprehensible and is prohibited by the IWC.

Photo by Bryant Austin, Marine Mammal Through the Arts (; used with permission.

Unfortunately, this isn’t far-fetched fiction. The U.S-led proposal can be reviewed here:

Is this your government working on behalf of its citizens and for the whales you care about?  If not, please consider contacting your elected officials to let them know what’s happening in the name of the American public.  Call on them to tell President Obama that this is unacceptable and will hurt the Administration in an election year.  Here’s how:

Want to know more about the politics behind the so-called Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling (ASW) “bundle”?  Stay tuned and don’t miss a single post.

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2 Comments on “ASW: No “Bundle” of Joy for Whale Lovers”

  1. dglimmer Says:

    Thank you for providing the up-to-the-minute scoop of the IWC activities. I have already written Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) about joining with Russia to bundle the St. Vincent & Grenadines humpback take with aboriginal subsistence whaling in Alaskan waters.

  2. This is just wrong. Thanks for letting us know about this important issue, and what we can do to help.

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