Jumping the Shark… Again

Monday, July 2nd, 2012: The 64th meeting of the International Whaling Commission is underway with a full agenda.  On the docket for day one, we’re to address four key agenda items, including: 1) establishing the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary (SAWS); 2) “The Future of IWC”; 3) Whale Stocks, and; 4) Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling (ASW) quotas.  In reality, it’s unlikely that we’ll slog through all four issues, particularly since the first and last are considered “hot rocks”.

The meeting kicked off with a video presentation sponsored by the Albatross Foundation featuring ‘slo-mo’ aerial and underwater footage of Panama’s breaching humpbacks, manta rays, and dolphins scored to ‘New-Agey’ music.  Very nice, indeed, and I must say, much more interesting than yet another round of “Japan Goes to the Movies” (aka, “Safety at Sea”).  We’ve been shown the same, tired film depicting the “101 Ways Japan Hates Sea Shepherd” for over three years now.  And, I understand, we’ll be forced to endure yet another session.  At this point, it’s beginning to feel like an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Really, Japan?  It’s time for new material, gentlemen.  Somebody needs to tell the Japanese Commissioner that he’s really jumped the shark in the film area.

In typical IWC fashion, we’ve accomplished ten minutes of introductions followed by a thirty minute coffee break, which will inevitably run for forty minutes.  I predict impending disaster; there’s only so much that 350 over-caffeinated delegates and observers with full bladders can accomplish.

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One Comment on “Jumping the Shark… Again”

  1. It’s unfortunate when you get a lot of people and countries in the same room that inaction, rather than positive action, is the result. Sigh. Thanks for slogging through and keeping us informed!

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